I love yard sales

Yesterday, the community association put on a Fall yard sale. Can I just say that I LOVE yard sales. Finding that one thing (or a few things) that you’ve been eyeing and paying a fraction of the retail price. I’m a deal hunter and yard/garage sales are right up my alley.

For the house I bought an 18-piece dishware set (6 mugs, 6 dinner plates, 6 saucers) for $9. Two glass casserole dishes for $2.

I only bought one thing for myself. A $30 purse with the tags still on for $10. This will make a great purse/camera bag combo.

For Li’l T I picked up a Fisher Price Sparkling Symphony gym for $5 and some pants, shirts, and a rain jacket for $4.

I wish I could have picked up a few more things but I had been pushing my luck keeping Li’l T out past him morning nap time. Luckily he didn’t cry but responsible mommy took over for frugal mommy and I took him home ASAP.

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