My First Sewing Project: A Wonder Pets Cape

I’ve wanted a sewing machine for years and this past week I finally got one. A Brother XL2600i. My first project is Li’l T’s Wonder Pets cape for his party this Saturday. I used this tutorial from Puking Pastilles as a guide for the cape and used the templates from Nick Jr’s website for the felt appliques. With the exception of some Velcro I need to add to secure the cape around his neck, I’m done. It was pretty easy and didn’t take a long time to make. I did make a few mistakes. The usual beginner stitch mistakes. The parts that go around his neck/shoulders need to be thicker. I also should have used thread that matched the colors of the materials I had instead of the off-white thread. All in all though, the project was  a success and I can’t wait for him to wear it.

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