Recipe: “Irish Car Bomb” Cupcakes

I want to preface this post by saying that these cupcakes are not, I repeat, ARE NOT kid friendly. LOL Ok, now we have that out of the way. 🙂 I came across this recipe on Carnal Dish and put it in the back of my mind as a maybe. On Saturday I had this really strong urge to bake so off to the store we went.

I had trouble finding a true Dutch-process cocoa in my local stores and ended up getting Hershey’s Special Dark which is a blend. The ganache calls for chopped bittersweet chocolate and I used some Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips that I had in the cabinet.

Melting butter in the Guinness

Guinness, butter and cocoa powder coming together

Mix of flour, sugar, baking soda and salt

Eggs and sour cream mixed together

Guinness chocolate added to egg sour cream mix AFTER the chocolate cooled a bit.

Stir in the dry ingredients

Batter’s ready

Cupcakes are ready for the oven

Semi-sweet chips for the ganache

Pouring in the hot cream

Mix, mix, mix from the middle out

Stir in the whiskey and butter and let sit

Frosting time. Beat butter until creamy and add powdered sugar.

Buttercream ready for additions

Add the Bailey’s

Add the vanilla extract (I use natural extract without corn syrup)

Cupcakes cooled with the tops cut out. I used the bottom of one of my decorating tips to cut and I only went about halfway down. When I tried to go 2/3 of the way in the cupcakes started to split on top.

Ganache piped in

Buttercream piped on top

Add sprinkles

Inside view of the finished product.

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