Let’s Catch Up

Hi everyone. I know that I’ve been gone for a while. Twitter has sucked me in and I’ve neglected my poor space over here.  I miss blogging though so I’M BAAAACK! So, how have things been with us? Let’s review.

Li’l T

  • My baby has started Preschool work this week. Where has the time gone? How is he old enough for this now? I know he can count to 20 and recognize numbers 1-9 but STILL?! I’ll get over it, eventually. LOL
  • He has a fascination with insects. Every small crawling bug is an ant. Every big bug with wings is a bee. A walk outside isn’t complete without him stopping, staring at the ground and yelling ANT!
  • Last month Li’l T went on his yearly week vacation to my hometown. He flew for the FIRST TIME! I can admit that I was a bit messed up because I wasn’t on the flight with him. He flew with my dad and nephew and from what I heard he was a great passenger. I know that he needs to be a regular flyer as a kid so he doesn’t grow up to be like me. Squeamish about taking flights. :-
  • A few weeks ago he had an incident at daycare with his “girlfriend.” Basically, she’s a sweetheart but she has a big sister that she wrestles with all of the time. The two of them were playing and she pushed him. He fell and scraped up his face. *sigh* I know she didn’t mean it. When I picked him up the two of them were playing as usual. His cuts have healed now and we’re just waiting for his skin tone to even out.
  • Li’l T is VERY territorial about  the back seat. If I open the center console he kicks it closed. My father got into the backseat and Li’l T tried to PUSH him out. I put my arm on the back of the passenger seat when I’m driving in reference and he starts yelling and kicking. *smh* He’s going to have to learn to share.
  • We’re battling his issue with walking in parking lot. He used to not have any problems but he’s been startled by some moving vehicles driving through. It scares him to the point that he tries to get back in the car or run back on the sidewalk. You never know if he’ll want to walk to or from the car of if he’ll want to be carried. Poor thing.
  • Two weeks ago we converted Li’l T’s crib to a toddler bed. He was OVERJOYED that he could climb in and out without anyone’s help. The fun comes in when he doesn’t want to go to sleep. He starts opening and closing his door REPEATEDLY. If he sees someone watching him he runs to his bed and pretends that he is sleeping. 😐 Where do they get these ideas? LOL
  • Favorite words: Help, oh no, mommy, daddy
    • I want to find the person who taught him the word help and drop him off on his/her doorstep. Li’l T will YELL help when he can’t get his way or when he drops something. I’m sure that people think I’m kidnapping him. 😐
    • He’s finally started calling us mommy and daddy. That’s a gift and a curse. He will call me until I answer and sometimes only says “me” repeatedly. Dern kid.
  • Favorite shows: Pocoyo, Fresh Beat Band, Wonder Pets
  • He’s in the parrot phase now. So he repeats EVERYTHING he hears. We have to start being careful around him since we never know when he’s paying attention to us.


  • There is isn’t a whole lot to say about me. Still continuing my fitness. I have a new blog where I post my progress and inspirational thoughts. Check me out over there: http://mommywantsasixpack.tumblr.com/
  • I’m REALLY into sewing now. I’ve done a few skirts and a pair of shorts for Li’l T. In some upcoming posts I’ll recap what went well and what went wrong for each project.

Big T

  • He’s in grad school now and football season has started. So, that’s been a challenge for his and family time BUT we’ll make it work like we always do.

Well, that’s about it. What’s been up with you guys since I last posted?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up

  1. was thinking about you the other day. funny. just had my baby’s first birthday, my big kid is reading, but not yet in Pre-K. My husband keeps taking wild.. okay, fine, work trips to Vegas and it drives me insane, that’s about it..

    • Hi Jill, thanks for coming by. It seems like every time I take a hiatus it’s longer than I planned because I get intimidated by all of the stories I need to blog about. I hope I don’t burn out again from this long list. LOL But I plan to at least post once a week.

      I’ve been trying to talk my company into sending me on trips to Vegas but that hasn’t seemed to work yet. LOL

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