Adventures in Sewing

I’ve been doing some sewing projects here and there over the last 6 months. I’m slowly but surely learning my machine, the rules and how to break the rules when necessary.

I bought this XL green shirt to wear as a maternity shirt while I was pregnant. I found it recently and decided that it needed a new life.

Oversized green shirt

Voila. I took in the sides and the arms. What I learned: When taking in a garment while wearing it, don’t use stick pins. They hurt and pop out when you take the garment off. LOL

Green shirt alteration

I bought this tank top last year on sale right after the 4th of July. I figured that I would get a jump on this year. Little did I know that I would lose weight and the tank would be too big. I took in the sides and shortened the straps.4th of July tank top alteration

This pencil skirt is the result of following Mimi G’s pencil skirt tutorial. Lesson learned: Make my zigzag stitches wider next time. I popped some stitches while playing with Li’l T.

Skull knit pencil skirt

These next two are also based on a tutorial from Mimi G. They are maxi skirts/dresses. They were really easy to make. Lessons learned: Pay CLOSE attention to the width of the fabric on the bolt, read instructions multiple times and double check my math. The blue floral skirt isn’t as full as the yellow because I got confused while reading the instructions and did my math incorrectly. I actually want to take the blue one apart and use the fabric for something else.

Blue floral maxi skirt/dressYellow maxi skirt/dress

When I saw this Star Wars fabric I HAD to buy it and make some pajama shorts for Li’l T. I used a pair of sweatpants that he already had as a template. Lesson learned: When using another piece of clothing as a template make sure it is a current size and not too small.

Star Wars pajama shorts

This skirt is based off of One Avian Daemon’s Hemless A-line Skirt tutorial. I modified it to add side pockets and to add a little room in the front for my abdomen. Lessons learned: Read and fully understand the instructions before starting. Practice inserting side-seam pockets. Draw the pattern based on the instructions and then modify it for my abdomen. Make sure that I have all of the necessary supplies. If I don’t have what I need don’t make rush decisions to finish up the project. Just wait until I buy more supplies.

Pink circle skirtMy future projects are two blouses and a pair of pants in a houndstooth fabric. I’m intimidated by the blouse pattern, though. I don’t want to end up like Theo from the Cosby show with a lop-sided Gordon Gartrell shirt replica. LOL

Theo in Gordon Gartrell shit

I don’t want to look like this!! LOL

But I shall press on and work through my fears. Wish me luck.

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