Spring’s Returning Light

"Spring has sprung" © Julian VanderVeen.

“Spring Has Sprung” © Julian VanderVeen.

Here in the mid-Atlantic it’s felt like Old Man Winter held a death lock on the area that would never loosen. We’ve had the most snowfall in four or five years. Every time we thought it was done another round powered through the area. It even snowed this past Sunday after an all day rain. At this point I am beyond tired of cold weather and ready for 60 degrees and some sunshine.

The short gray days of winter always make me want to hibernate but this winter has been the worst I can remember. I didn’t want to do ANYTHING. Add in several rounds of winter colds for me and the family and nothing was accomplished. My sewing machine cover has a layer of dust. My running shoes look like foreign objects. My Pinterest boards are full of ideas that never saw the light.

But yesterday, yesterday was a glimpse of the beauty of spring to come. There was sunshine, birds chirping, and warmth. I can finally see buds of new life on the trees and I feel like my mind and body are awakening. Like it may finally be safe to pull my spring clothes out of storage. I can plan for sewing, baking, gardening, spring festivals, being OUTSIDE! Spring is settling in and I’m ready.

“Spring Has Sprung” photo by Julian VanderVeen used under CreativeCommons Attribution/NonCommercial/NoDerivatives license.

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