The Young and the Sleepless

I was reminded by Mrs. Nicholes that my cookie recipe was my first post since July *side eye* I have a long list of topics I want to blog about but can’t ever seem to find the time or energy to write them. So, what’s been happening since this summer? A lot. Li’l T started Kindergarten, Big T started his first year as a middle school teacher and I’m back in school. The ingredients for a perfect storm.

Li’l T didn’t adjust well AT ALL. Almost daily calls or reports that he was screaming, kicking and/or hitting other kids and teachers. To the point of being warned that he could be kicked out of his before/aftercare program and me having to attend a parent-student support meeting. I never knew what I would hear when I’d pick him up after work.

Juggling work and school has been hard. The ONLY semester my class was available would also happen to be a busy time in my project work. Trying to delegate tasks while everyone is stressed and overworked. Telecommuting one day a week so I could go to class and work from campus. (Stressful when you’re trying to find a quiet corner to get on a phone conference.) Getting little sleep and having more anxiety attacks than are usual for me. I pulled back from social media a bit while trying to get myself together.

BUT, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Li’l T finally made the transition and other than the usual 5-year-old bumps he’s doing really well. His teacher had little constructive feedback for him during the end of 1st quarter parent-teacher conference. High school football season has ended for Big T so he’s less stressed and getting into a groove. And the semester is almost over for me. I am REALLY looking forward to some downtime during the winter holidays.

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